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Do expansys only charge you for an item when they ship the order?
I beleivbe so. I had a bit of hassle with them, because I accidentally bought this phone twice, and stopped the second purchase. When I originally made the purchase, I was bloody convinced the money came out of the account, but then when the refund for the second purchase was oked, I got no extra money. As one would expect from Expansys, I got no replies from most of the emails sent to them. Anyway. After looking over the online statement, I left it assuming that the money was never taken out, and that I was just insane, and that Expansys are terrible when it comes to customer service (two worthy lessons, I must admit).
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 I know for pre orders they only charge your credit card once they have shipped your order but when I ordered an item once at about 8 in the evening which was in stock I was charged straight away as I checked this on my online banking.