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Every body on the planet got a disk with ONLY win98 driver [Dynamism D-Zign DV-4 Video Camera + 2.1 MP Still Camera - 120868]

Hi guys! Yup, I bought your cool little Dynamism D-Zign DV-4 Video Camera + 2.1 MP Still Camera. I bought it to do small commercials, shout outs to fans, and with the right lighting and video editing program, an Internet music video or two for my band Alexis Machine. alexislive.com The problem is: The disk that came with the camera only has a Windows 98 driver on it. So i did some surfing for an xp driver. My findings that turned up was. There is no windows xp driver anywhere. Everywhere i looked i found hundreds of VERY angry costumers that purchased this cam. There is an EXTREME amount of bad mouthing and warnings NOT to purchase this product. The Internet is fludded with it. That sucks eh? Please take note and do your best to post xp drivers for the cam as soon as you guys can. Feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime to let me know whats going on and if i should wait for the driver or i''ll go ahead and return the product for a full refund on monday. alexismachine@hotmail.com. I''m not angry, sometimes these things happen. You guys work hard, i know. When you do get the driver made and posted i will take a few hours and hit up all those message boards and direct those customers in the right direction. Have an awesome weekend ok? Lots of love Alexis