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Modem for H.P. IPAQ hw6515e [EXP 56K Wireless Bluetooth Modem - 119854]

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Modem HP IPAQ-hw6515e and Windows Mobile 2003 Software Modem H.P. IPAQ-hw6515e and Windows Mobile 2003 Software .______________________________________________________ Please advise if any dial-up Modems for the PSTN with the good old RJ11 cable on one side and a Bluetooth I/F on the other side can work with the H.P. IPAQ-hw6515e and Windows Mobile 2003 Software. H.P., in India, is a stone wall. They say just find the suitable modem - that's not our job.We take the cash and tell you to around in cicles. I purchased this bl**dy expensive unit to use it as an Hanheld Computer which I could carry around within my small office. H.P. says its a mobile phone and gives me the option of GPRS etc. But the GPRS subscription in Mumbai, India (Hutch) is expensive ans most unreliable. Thanks, Jamshed F. Mehta.
This page is a link to 4 modems that are compatible with the 6515. http://www.mobileplanet.com/accessory.asp?code=120563&atype=Modems&count=4 Kevin Taylor Product Manager eXpansys US
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I have purchased an EXP 56K Wireless Bluetooth Moden kit, including adaptor. Installation seemed to go smoothly until I get to the point where I am to click on the "bluetooth places" icon on my desktop, and nothing happens. My computer recognizes the adapter hardware, but the adaptor doesn't seem to be discovering the modem. The modem's power light lights up, but none others. Any ideas about what's wrong? Thanks, Sharon