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Problem with CARK-91 [EXPANSYS CARK-91 Adaptor for Nokia Mobile Phones - 138339]

I bought this adaptor a couple of weeks ago, but have a major problem with it's operation and need to know if my unit is faulty or not. When I plug a pop port phone onto the adaptor, the battery starts charging and the beeps for the phone come through the car kit's speaker no problem. Unfortunately, at regular, but random intervals, the kit "resets" - i.e. the phone displays "charging" again, and the sounds is disconnected from the car kit for a few seconds, before coming back on. Unfortunately, this renders the kit useless, as if you are on a call when this happens, the call is disconnected from the kit, and reverts to coming out of the phone's speaker as per normal "out and about" usage. This happens whether the car is in motion or not, and with any pop port phone tried (on the "supported" list for this adaptor), so it isn't the phone, or a motion related bad connection. The car kit itself works fine with a very old Nokia phone plugged into it, so this rules out a general bad connection. The adaptor has been reseated countless times. Please advise as to whether this has been reported before, or whether I've just got a bad one needing replacing. Many thanks
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Hi, The feedback I have received from the factory indicates that the problem could be in one of the following areas: 1. The C91U CARK-91 adaptor cradle 2. The handset 3. The Cark-91 cradle itself The first step in resolving this problem would be to replace the C91U adaptor cradle. If this problem persists with the new cradle, then the problem is most likely with points 2 and 3 above. I would advise contacting our customer services to progress a replacement of the CARK-91 adaptor as the first step. Best regards, Mike