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i-Mate PDAL Rom Version [EXPANSYS UK-EU Continental Power Adaptor - 160134]

  • Jeffski
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I have a customer who I am trying to support over the phone. I need them to tell me the ROM Version of their i-Mate PDAL. I have told them to click:

Start >> Settings >> System >> Device Information.

They have told me the 'Device Information' icon does not appear, is this correct and if so how do I find out what ROM version the PDAL has?




Yes its correct, "Device Info" icon is not available and this is how you may find the version info:

Start>> Settings>> System>> About and then Tab "VersionInfo" all the S/W and other version info is available here.

Latest version of Rom is also avail at .

This is the official website of imate products and good support available here.

 I hope it will be helpful