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Cradle S650 fails to work after Jelly Bean update [EXPANSYS USB Cradle for HTC One X & One S - 231756]

I received my HTC One X Desktop Cradle with Speaker CR S650 from Expansys in August 2012.

My HTC One X phone worked as it should in the docking cradle except for crackling noises when listening to music and TuneIn radio. Sound from phone was 100% when using it outside the cradle (no crackling sound from phone). The cradle contacts on phone and in cradle was cleaned to improve contact between phone and cradle.

After HTC’s update to Android Jelly Bean version in December 2012 the docking cradle fails to work as it should. The crackling noise in the cradle loudspeakers is still there (even higher volume), and in addition to this the phone freezes and hangs and needs restart after use in cradle. Sound in phone like alarm and ringtone does not work after use in cradle. You have to restart phone to get a normal status on sound. Use of phone outside cradle is 100% (after Jelly Bean).

I have even made a factory reset on the phone to ensure that the phone is in 100% original condition when testing in docking cradle. Phone tested in cradle with no additional apps installed.

At the moment the docking cradle is useless. Could these problems be hardware related or software related? What to do to solve these problems?

Earlier this month I sent a complaint to HTC about the issue of slow/freezing phone in docking cradle. Today I recieved their answer: They want me to send my phone to a servicepartner and get my phone reflashed.

Is this a good idea? My phone works just perfect with wi-fi, Bluetooth (in car and with handsfree), with email sync, with surfing on the Internet, with TuneIn radio, with alarm clock and so on. I can not think of any area where my phone fails to function. 

The only big problem appears when docking the phone in the S650 cradle, playing TuneIn radio in the evening, sleeping through the night, and waking up in the morning and see that the alarm clock rings with no sound. When I remove the phone from the cradle it feels very slow and there is no sound on sms's and incoming calls. It needs a restart to work again.

Should a reflash in a service workshop be the answer to this situation?

Copy of email sent to TuneIn.com (TuneIn radio app) 22.01.2013:

Hi, I did update my app to the latest version 6.8. The problem still exists. I will try to explain it over again.

I own a HTC One X European version. No lock to service provider. Phone updated to latest HTC software version with Jelly Bean. Docking cradle: HTC CR S650 (http://shop.htcpedia.com/htc-one-x-dock-cradle-cr-s650.html). TuneIn radio 6.8 app (free) installed.

Before update to Jelly Bean: I used to place the phone in the cradle, start TuneIn radio, set sleep timer to 60 minutes, go to sleep, and wake up to alarm clock from phone. Everything worked fine. Sound ok in phone.

After update to Jelly Bean: I will place the phone in the cradle, start TuneIn radio, set sleep timer to 60 minutes, go to sleep, and wake up to see alarm clock ring but with no sound from speakers. No sound from incoming calls either. Phone feels a little laggy. Only way to get sound back to normal is to restart the phone.

Use of phone without docking but same procedure as above: Everything works fine. 

Use of phone with docking cradle but with other radio app (NRK Norway): Sound works fine. No problems.

Summary: TuneIn radio creates a starnge problem in sound system when docked in the HTC cradle (after Jelly Bean update in phone).