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Samba 75 Undervoltage [Falcom Samba 75 USB GPRS Modem - 136849]

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When I connect to Samba 75 through minicom, I see the following error periodically: ^SYSSTART ^SBC: Undervoltage ^SBC: Undervoltage ^SHUTDOWN I''m using the modem through linux rhel4 (/dev/ttyACM devices). How can I fix this? Thanks
Hi, With certain laptops, one USB port does not supply enough power to run the Samba 75. You might need their KA-18 cable which allows the Samba 75 to draw power from two USB ports at the same time. The cable can be found here, http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?i=140982 Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA