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Cable connection cancels Bluetooth [Fortuna GPSmartBT - 105113]

  • slimnoj
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When I use my Fortuna GPSmart in the car I connect it to the Cigarete Lighter to power it, my Ipaq 3870 cannot see the Bluetooth connection and freezes. As soon as the cable is unplugged, it picks up again. This is also the same when connected via USB to my Laptop and PC. Any reeasons why this is happening?
  • DeeJayX
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Well, it's only one more data point on the graph, but I can tell you that I *CAN* use my GPSmartBT on car cigarette lighter power, and on a laptop USB connection, so it would seem NOT to be a generic/design fault with the GPSmart range. Possibilities seem to include a connecting cable that is faulty in some way, or a fault in the power-detection circuitry in the GPSmart that initiates, but does not fully complete, a transition from battery to external power. Other than finding someone else with a GPSmart and cable with whom you can do partial swap-outs I don't see how to progress this. Is the receiver still under warranty (or local consumer protection legislation) with your supplier? Good luck - DeeJay
I just received my Fortuna GPSmart yesterday and I am having the same problem as stated in the original message. Plug in the power adapter and no more data on BT. Unplug the power cable and everything works great. FW version 2.26. Anyone solved this problem yet or should I return it to MobilePlanet before that option expires? Thanks, Dale