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Free Garmin POI downloads [Garmin Streetpilot 2620 In-Car GPS - 113349]

  • howardw
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Hey, whilst I was looking over a tomtom site - I saw this WWW.GARMINFREE.COM, it seems to be the sister site to a tomtom site thats been around a couple of years. The tomtom site is known for quality POI''s and has more than 100 you can download. The garmin site has less, they seem to be using it as a start, and to try and sell a disk with more POI on it. Still thats a quality 20 very useful POI for FREE ! If the disk of data is anything to go by based on these then its probably a good by. Anway thought some of you might like to check it out. Here it is WWW.GARMINFREE.COM - its also got a very easy to use install guide and the links to Garmin site are recent. I always have trouble finding POI Loader and the software on Garmins site, so this site is a real help there. Also have a look at the links - they have a neat tool POIEditor. Worth bookmarking and a visit - I will buy the disk and let you know. The POI I looked at are up to date, they also link to a site for fleet and HGV vehicles - which sells Low Brdiges and other stuff for the Garmin (and tomtom etc) That called (dont be fooled by the name it does all sat nav devices). Hope this helps people. H.