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Problem with Flashdisk and backup battery [Glofiish TORQ P100 - 123332]

  • Naguru
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 I haVe a Torq P100 VER 05 ESN 100 0039, and the flashdisk are corrupted: I can't write or delete something on it, only I can read files.  I already tried with the Flash Format program and don't have any answer .  Also, the backup battery is dead, always is empty.

 I been searching on the internet about this problem and I read the possible solution to my problem is "re-flash"  the ROM or upgrade the same, but I can't a secure source to download or upgrade my ROM.


I hope you can help me with this problem, give me a URL or something like that for can to download the better ROM for my Torq P100.  Or, tell me who can fix the problems what I described.


Thanks in advanced, greetings from Mexico.

 Salvador Zaldivar (Naguru Nagisa)