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Bad stock beware [Google Nexus 9 - 268544]

I got the deal with the logitech keyboard and nexus 9. The keyboard came broken, and expansys refuse doing an exchange. Do not get the deal, it is not worth it.


UPDATE: Expansys have sent another keyboard to me.

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We are sorry about the quality issue of the Logitech Refurbished Keyboard you got it for free with your Google Nexus 9 purchase. Since that is a Logitech officially refurbished keyboard, we have no control on the keyboard quality at all, however, we are pleased to arrange replacement if you find the keyboard is not working fine.

Please understand that due to the overwhelming responses to the Google Nexus 9 with free keyboard promotions, we have to confirm the stock level for the free keyboard before arranging the replacement for you. We are sorry to have kept you waiting. We hope that the replacement keyboard we are sending to you works fine.

Thank you for shopping with us.