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Question about pixel with 5G [Google Pixel 5 5G (2020) GD1YQ - 328505]

hi, i'm not techy at all and i've a question about the more moderen pixels. i make an apology earlier for my lack of know-how. how can google claim to sell a telephone with 5g? there is a pixel 4a and a pixel 4a with 5g. i concept whether or not or not you'll have 5g depends on your mobile phone carrier, not the smartphone model you've got. how does this paintings?

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Well you need three things for 5G:

-Your smartphone has to support 5G with its modem. older/budget phones will not have 5G support)

-Your carrier needs to have 5G coverage

-Your specific phone model needs to support the 5G frequencies 5G bands) used by your carrier.