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Anything to do with new CF disabled microdrives? [Hitachi 4GB Microdrive - 110763]

I just extracted a Hitachi 4Gb microdrive from my Muvo2 MP3 player. It seems that since the end of June, Hitachi has disabled the CF functionnalities of the microdrive in that player (as it is not use by the player which only uses the IDE protocol). As so, the microdrive is not recognised by any CF readers. Furthermore, the player doesn't work when the drive is replaced by a classic 128Mb Cf card. Would you have any advice or trick to get me out of this, or am I condemned to listen to all of my 2100 songs to be stored in the drive ;-) ? THX Pinkjapan
I just had the same thing happen to me. I just got a Canon Rebel XT and was testing out the camera. I transferred the pix via the camera USB, I then used a Scandisk 12'n'1 reader/writer to format and transfer the new firmware to the microdrive. When I placed the drive back in the camera it wasn't recognized. When I placed it back in the reader/writer on the computer the microdrive wasn't recognized and the computer froze up.