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Bluetooth & HP LJ3330 mfp [HP Bluetooth Printer Adaptor - 103444]

  • flynn
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Having recently bought an HP laserjet 3330 mfp, I am trying to ascertain if all the functions of the machine (scanner, printer, fax & copier) will work over a BLUETOOTH connection using the HP Bluetooth Printer adapter or will this have to be hard-wired through the serial port? I am looking at this as part of a small office wireless bluetooth network for a laptop, PC and HP LJ 3330 mfp and additional colour HP printer.
  • Roger
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No idea! - it should work but you would be the first to try it as far as we know. If you want to take a unit on aproval to test call Jane Richardson on 0161 868 0868 and please post your experiences here when you have tried it.