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Ipaq 1940 with tomtom 3 and Gglobalsat3 [HP iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC - 105738]

I have an Ipaq 1940 loaded with Tomtom navigator 3,and a Globalsat BT-338 blueetoth GPS receiver. I can pair with the GPS but Tomtom does not recognise it. I think it is something to do with the com ports (5 and 8. Tomtom seems to want to use 5 but i think GPS wants to use 8. Please please help.
  • RussDW
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Have had similar with my bluetooth GPS there is a patch available from TOMTom website.l I think it was called GPSupg3.03 ? Hope this helps.
  • fenixpt
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Hi, I have a IPAQ 1940 and want to add a GPS. Is the BT-338 compatible? Does it work? Thank you
  • Tim25
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Yes, BT-338 is compatible with iPAQ 1940. For iPAQ 1940 Inbound COM port is 5, Outbound: 8. Best regards, Tim25! iPAQ 1940 software at www.handster.com
  • doovydoo
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I have a very similiar problem on my Ipaq 1940 and Bt-77. I can also pair the GPS and 1940, but TomTom 5 does not show the gps device to be there. On the map screen and GPS status, it simply says "No GPS device". It even sais this when there is an active connection between the 2 devices.

Where would i be able to download gps software for the 1940?

 I have the dongal which the garmin moble for the nokia n70 connects to, will i be able to get software that will work on my ipaq?