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Connecting Ipac 1940 to Navicor GPS SiRF III and Memory Map [HP iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC - 105738]

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Hi, I''ve just purchase a Navicore SiRF III Bluetooth GPS. It seams to connect to the Ipac Ok but when I try and set up the GPS on the Memory Map digital mapping. I keep getting a time out error, I''ve tried a few combinations in the set up form but keep getting the time out error. Any ideas, Kev
Hi Kev, I have the same problem. I have a IPAQ 3870 with Memory map V5 ppc and I have paired the Navicore Sirfiii Bluetooth GPS with the IPaq, but I can not get Memory Map to recognise or talk with the Bluetooth GPS unit. The Navicore documentation is next to useless, as is their web site. Anybody got it to successfuly work? Chris
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 No solution here either. The Navicore GPS unit works perfectly with Tomtom and other Road based Navigation Software but Memory Map refuses every combination I have tried. The closest I have got is a Connection Timeout, otherwise it's "Cannot Open Port" or worse still a crash when it cannot end the RS232 process.


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