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iPAQ 2210 & T610 Bluetooth question [HP iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC - 105739]

  • Glyn
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Hi there, Apologies for crossposting... Has anyone else successfully paired their T610 and iPAQ 2210 (or similar) and got them working correctly? The reason I ask is I have paired mine but every time I want to use OBEX File Transfer to access the folders/files on the T610 from the iPAQ the T610 prompts with; "Pocket_PC requests access to your items - Continue?" and I have to press the Yes softkey of joystick to access the T610 This is repeated for every time I want to drill down the folder heirarchy. Have I missed something fundamental? Thanks & regards, -=Glyn=-
  • sebbes
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Hi Glyn, I've got a French h2210, and I'm getting the same behavior ... Did you try the latests ROMs updates ? (to see if it can solve this issue, no French ROMs updt at this time) FYI : the latest ROM update for English PDAs is dated of March2004 (cf. http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/HandheldiPAQ/us/locate/105_5721.html ) Regards,
  • Mahesh
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Just tried it and I'm getting the same. Let me see if I can find a workaround to this. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
  • sebbes
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Here are some news about this issue, I just upgraded my h2210 with the latest ROM available (v1.10) Same behavior :(( And the same behavior is also observed on ipaqs 4150... Any idea ? Sounds like a stack update to be requested from HP/Widcomm ... Sébastien
  • reehanj
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Just to say that I have updated the ROM on my 2210 also and am still experiencing the same issue. I think the bluetooth manager is the issue here....