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iPAQ h3950: Forgotten password & long delay re executing commands [HP iPAQ h3950 PPC 2003 Upgrade - 106836]

  • EMT
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iPAQ h3950: Forgotten password & long delay re executing commands I forgot my password and I kept inputting variations of what I 'thought' it could be. Screen froze on the password menu. No response to touch (apart from a bleep). It wouldn't switch off. Next day I charged it fully and still there is a very very long delay (hours)in for example the response to pressing OK, and the time it takes to present the 'Password Incorrect' Menu. Then this freezes for however long ... When I switch it off and try again later the same frozen screen is present. I still can't remember my password - there must be a way around this and a good explanation as to why the screen froze and remain frozen. How can I get in to my iPAQ H3950 without the forgotten password? Can you help please?
  • Yoni
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You could try a hard reset (this will wipe all info on the ipaq) To hard reset, Press and hold the two outer buttons on the front and the reset button at the same time until the screen fades. When it restarts it should be password free.