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hw6910 & Storage [HP iPAQ hw6910 GPS Pocket PC - 130911]

  • miskers
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After installing several applications (none of which gave me a choice on the location of where to install) I have run very low on internal disk space. On older IPAQs (such as the HP5550, if you went to rename a file, you could also change a file's location to the SD card or alternate location. Is this possible with the 6910? Is it possible to relocate "My Documents" to the SD card as this is an area i use a lot, or is my only choice to manually select the files i wish to move? Many thanks Simon
  • mm42
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If you were not presented with a choice of installing to the storage card, then something is not right with your system. I have 2 mini-SD cards, and I had this problem when using one of them. The card may be damaged or not properly seated. To move a file or directory to the storage card, just use "cut" and "paste" commands.