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Reset not completing...... [HP iPAQ hx2490 Pocket PC - 126053]

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I used my IPAQ 2490 at work to read at lunchtime and was fine...  On the way home on the bus i was going to read a book again but the machine hung in the today screen.  I reset the device with the stylus and the reset bar starts to go up until it is full then it should go to the Today screen but the machine still sits as the startup with the bar full.  I legft it like this for about 40 mins but the it still stays like this.
I have replaced the battery and reset with the same results.
I tried a hard reset but the machine just hangs at the blue and white screen and says "WLAN MISMATCH"
Can anyone help?
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Just an update...
I performed a clean reset described in the following link and that seemed to work. 
I had a backup program installed and backed up from yesterday so am up and running now....
Still get the problems with the HARD RESET but not too big a problem as working for the moment.
If posting links is not allowed then i apologise and will delete...

As long as it's not a link to illegal software or advertising, you're fine.  Thanks for taking the time to post back.

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