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Will the 3 UK USIM work in the Hero ? [HTC Hero Android Smart Phone - 184566]

  • mp1963
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Allegely 3 UK have a way of locking their USIM card to only work in 3 supplied phones. Is this utter rubbish or is it true ? Would like to buy an unlocked Hero but need to know its going to work with my existing sim card first.
  • Airax
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Since 3 offer a SIM only and PAYG option to let users use their own phones, it doesn't make sense. When 3 originally launched they used to bar non "3" handsets on their network, but this hasn't been the case for a while. 
  • Step666
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I've heard the same stories as you have about 3 limiting the use of unbranded handset but I'm pretty certain Airax is correct, that those practices are in the past now.
For example, Carphone Warehouse sells generic (ie unlocked, unbranded) handsets on 3 contracts, which they can only do with 3's permission, so it suggests the rules have been relaxed.

Of course, with any unbranded handset on the 3 network, there's always the question as to whether you can get the correct settings to allow you to make full use of the handset but that's a separate matter entirely.

  • scottme
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I know this is a very late follow-up, but in case anyone is still in doubt, a 3 SIM works perfectly well in an unlocked UK Hero. Only thing that might not work is their free Skype offering, but Nimbuzz is a workable alternative (albeit using non-free bandwidth).

3's customer support could be a lot better - it's very hard to get through to a human being and when you do, they can be pretty useless. But they have some of the best PAYG tariffs for a device like the Hero; 150MB data and 500 texts free each time you top up £10.

BTW I don't work for 3, just a reasonably satisfied customer.

  • anitalg
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Thanks for confirming that.  I find the same to be honest, although to be fair its so rare I need to call 3 that I put up with the pants customer service as the talk plans are so good!