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HTC Hero: SMS - says it has sent SMS but recipients never get them ! [HTC Hero Android Smart Phone - 184566]

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Strange one this:

Moved my O2 SIM card from another (older) HTC phone where SMS worked with no problem at all, to HTC HERO, where it says that the messages are sent but they never arrive with the recipient.

I've used the supplied SMS system and the free App HandCent SMS - both show the message as sent but no one receives them.

Incoming SMS are fine- appears to be no problem there.

Phone works ok for outgoing and incoming calls (apart from approx 30% worse reception than the previous HTC).

Does anyone have any ideas? Could O2 have a block on SMS messages because of a new IMEA number ?

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Hiya, not sure why its not working but no its nothing o2 have done to block it, O2 dont have a record (or care) what imei you use.  Is it just one particular number that cant receieve them?
  • James@Geomem
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Thanks for the quick response!  I've tried several numbers and they all do not get through.

Signal strength is 2-4 bars here and incoming SMS no problem at all - tried from 3 other mobiles and via Skype SMS and all arrived within 30 seconds.

But, although in some cases the Hero (Android) says that the message has been sent the recipients never get it. In other cases - despite the signal strength being ok (the 2-4 bars) it returns a pending message.

I have checked the Messgae Centre number and that is correct (I guess it'd have to be for the phone to receive the SMSs).


Took the SIM out of the Hero - back in the old phone - sent an SMS to one of my recipients and it came straight in !!

So there's something in the Hero or Android that's preventing these messages from leaving the phone, whilst pretending that they have been sent.... or just keeping them as "pending"

There's a similar thread here but it wanders away from the original point.... so no solution...