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Qtek 1010 data loss problem [HTC Qtek 1010 Pocket PC - 106395]

I have just began to use a Qtek 1010 smartphone.However,I was disappointed after I discovered that every time I switch it off it goes into the full reset mode erasing all data including internet settings.Even on opening the SIM lid and touching the soft reset button revert the pocket pc to its default settings. I tried to reach the site bt found it closed and non functioning.Now I have turned for help to this forum.I would appreciate if someone help me with a solution. best regards, Asim Effendi
  • Michael
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How are you switching the unit off? If you are removing the battery then you will lose all of the data on the unit. -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search
  • jdubbs
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Michael, In the above post, you said that if you take out the battery, you will lose all data on the unit. Is this considered a hard reset. I am having trouble with my Qtek 1010. I cannot get past the bootloader 5.15 screen, and the only way to turn on the pda is to do a soft reset. Also, my usb cannot read the unit because of the problem with the unit at this time. Please help John