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HTC Dual Quality and general comments [HTC Touch Dual Windows Mobile 6.1 Edition - 166682]

I've been using the Dual for over a month now.  I'm used to a full keyboard WinMobile phone like the Treo750.  The 20 key takes some getting used to but the software works pretty well.  It is a pain to insert proper names as it keeps suggesting bizarre alternatives.  Those people used to a 20-key should have no issues.  If they made this with a full Blackberry/Treo keyboard and no slideout, I'd prefer it...

The phone is functional and works well on my ATT network - I've had no issues with phone or data connection (see below for device issues).

Htc incorporated many "neat" software add-ons that improve upon the standard Mobile 6.1.  While they make the device cooler (if a WinMobile phone can be cool) than standard Winmobile devices, I don't believe that they are enough to recommend buying the phone over another manufacturer's though.

  My only complaint is a massive one.  I've had issues with the phone resetting itself everytime I forget to charge it.  It falls into a "hard reset" where I must tap the screen, set the time zone and time, and re-insert all data and personalizations.  It does this when the battery drains due me not charging it for one reason or another.  While I understand that the battery will lose its charge, the phone shouldn't lose all data when this (inevitably) happens.  I should be able to plug it in, recharge it and use it.  Nope.  Dead.  Hello!  I'm a new phone.  Pleased to meet you.  Please input all preferences and data.

 HTC cannot identify my eXpansys-bought phone since it is not bought from its "official" sales channel in the USA - Bestbuy.  This, after providing them with the serial number...  I cannot upgrade the ROM (presumably ever) because of this. 

Even though the phone and software work fine when not dead, I cannot recommend buying this phone from this seller.  Buy another brand phone or buy HTC from the official channel.




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I am not sure why you were give incorrect information, but it is incorrect.

Just had a look at the source of the unit on our system, and it was supplied by a U.S distributor.

If you had tried to contact us regarding this issue, we would have done our best to resolve the problem.

We can't help if we don't know there is a problem.

could you please E-mail your serial number using this link, and I will look in to this for you.

(I only have a record of the IMEI)

And in future, please give us a chance to sort things out before slating us in the forums.





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