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HD Touch HD in Ireland (3G) [HTC Touch HD - 173494]


Does anyone know how I can use this phone in Ireland and get 3G internet?
All the mobile providers say that 3G internet will only work with their software.  I'm currently with vodafone and was hoping to move to 3.
Any information is greatlyappreciated :)




If you have a 3G sim and there's 3G coverage, you'll get 3G.  If you are using 3, you won't be able to use 3's offers like unlimited MSN and their Planet3 s**te.  You'll still get 3G coverage and be able to use 3G speeds for downloads though.

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That sounds great, thanks Pete. 

Incidentally, are you with 3? Any experience with 3Pay?  


Hello mate,

Ok - first off no I have no experience with 3 nor will I ever have.  In the UK they share their bandwidth with Orange who I despise so purely on that basis I have nothing to do with them - I am vodafone through and through now and think they are great.

The only things I will mention to you about 3 are these:

Coverage - not always great and they do share their bandwidth with other operators.  I am not 100% but I think they have their lower band service provided by Voda in Ireland - you would be wise to check this.  Won't affect you unless you have coverage problems.

Blocking handsets - 3 are known to be shirty about having a handset on their network that wasn't provided by them.  For instance if you go into a 3 store and buy a k850i it will be branded with 3 and have their certificates and firmware all over it.  This can cause problems but not always.  Without these certs and stuff you can't run Planet3 apps and use some of their offers.  The reason they brand their handsets this way is linked to above - if your phone is capable of 2g mode, people often switch to this when they don't need high speed access. 3 get charged for using 2nd gen bandwidth (vodafone, possibly) and they cannot pass this charge on to you so if you are using your phone constantly in 2g they end up spending more on you than they make from you - this won't do.  They usually send a threatening text demanding that if you don't stoppit, they will bar your handset.  I've never heard of this actually happening to anyone but you never know.

On the plus side of 3, I have heard their offers are very good and I know a few people on the network itself and they never have a problem with calls dropping or anything like that - most are full of praise for them.

Choice is yours at the end of the day.

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You need to unlock the HTC Touch HD from current vodafone network lock to use with 3 network.To unlock it use unlock code.Visit the site  get the unlock code and unlock it easily.Your HTC Touch HD is a 3g phone.So you can use the phone in 3 network.If you get 3G sim card from 3 network or enable 3G service sure you can enjoy the features of 3G.Good Luck.