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New connection database [HTC Touch HD - 173494]

Has anyone else on a tmob contract been getting a screen popping up saying there is a 'new connection database' to download? It started happening today...
It seems it's nothing malicious as i feared:

Thanks for posting the info - I'll sticky the thread.

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Mine has tried several times but keeps losing the conection due to 'network problems'. I tried wifi but that did not work either.


I have recieved an automatic push connection setup update on my Touch HD....after several attempts to download it, with no success, I called HTC call centre and they told me that HTC doesn't have any updates for the HD and that when they do send automatic updates, these updates will also be available on the HTC website to download....My Question is from where did this update come??

Please don't multipost - I answered your other question.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.

This bloody update has been plaging HD owners all over Europe in the past 24 hours. See this thread at xda developers -

It is nasty, unwanted, it constantly fails and is potentially costly for users. I urge you to complain to HTC at

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Hi, yes I have had this message when I was connecting up a brand new HTC Touch HD Deluxe charging cradle, and trying to do Sync.

The message appeared when I connected up, so I thought it was just Windows wanting to setup a connection with my cradle, so I Okayed it.

The initial sync failed to complete.

I then retried it, and it worked.

But I did notice that the 14 Favourites I had set up previously had vanished???

This is the only thing that had changed. I don’t know why?

I am on T-Mobile contact with data plan.

I agree with first answerer.