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Touch HD loses connection? [HTC Touch HD - 173494]

  • searsp
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When I commute to work by train, data connection obviously switched between 3g, HPSA, etc and at certain points obviously loses connection altogether.

The problem I'm encountering however is that it doesn't then find a connection, e.g. switch automatically to 3g.  The only way I seem to be able to get a data connection is by turning the phone off and on again which is a right pain.  Whenever I do this, it automatically connects straight away.

Does this sound like a fault with the phone?

On a separate note, has anyone had problems with their screen scratching and by that I mean scratching badly.  Admittedly it's my first touch screen phone so I could be guilty of being heavy handed (but unlikely to my knowledge).  I have marks/scratches at literally every point on the screen that coincides with an area of the QWERTY keyboard that pops on screen.  I'm now using a decent screen cover, however I can still feel the dents when I use the stylus (I've stopped now and use my finger which is kinda disappointing).

 Would appreciate any views on this.

Thanks in advance


  • drooi
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Mine regularly disconnects after some time in a "no-signal" area, and then like yours will fail to reconnect once the signal is good again. It will only reconnect after a restart. I think there is an inherent fault in the software. One way to get over it is to set the phone band on GSM only instead of auto - that way it will always reconnect when it finds a (GSM) signal. Of course the data speed is marginally slower. If you leave it on auto, and it fails to reconnect, instead of restarting the phone change the phone band setting to GSM only and it will reconnect a bit faster than restarting the phone.

If you find a better solution please let me know.

I have not had any scratches to the screen at all. I use a screen protector, the 3 layer application type which is perfect and better than the one supplied by HTC. Get it on ebay for a couple of quid.



  • ageor
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I have the same problem with a HTC Desire HD. If it loses GSM signal (I keep 3G off) it won't reconnect. Turning Airplane mode on and off regains signal, but it sometimes also reboots the phone...