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Push Email BT Internet. [HTC Touch HD - 173494]

  • caennmor
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I apologise if this is covered elsewhere.

Could someone let me know the settings or send me a link to use Push Email on my HTC Touch HD.  I have a BT Broadband Anywhere account and have tried their support but to no avail.

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  • Airax
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With WM devices you have 2 native push email options. If you have a hotmail/MS Live email account then you can have those messages pushed. Log into MSN on your device and as part of the setup it will ask if you if want to sync mail, select yes and it will add a new Hotmail/Live inbox in your emails. However the MSN service is a bit flakey personally and I'm not a big fan.


If you have a company (or personal!) Exchange account then that can be configured to let you push emails also. Its much more reliable, and brings a host of added benefits. However unless your company provides this or you have a personal service/account you are using you'll be out of luck, most ISP don't provide this service as standard. You could look at 3rd party email solutions, not sure how good they are, but most of them involve some sort of fee. You could just set your device to check emails every 5 mins. Unless your email is mission critical you'll find its more then enough for most people. 

  • caennmor
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Many thanks for taking the time to reply.