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Unlocking a Vodafone branded E220 [Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem - 141528]

  • Edwood
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Is it possible to unlock the E220 - it is currently locked to Vodafone but when abroad, I can buy a local sim for data usage only at a much cheaper rate than roaming with the Vodafone sim in it but at the moment the card will only accept the Vodafone sim Many thanks
  • franci84
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You have to download the generic software for the modem and configure APN.
Hi - has anyone had any joy with unlocking a Huawei E220 modem - did / does the above suggestion work? thanks!
  • hkesunny
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Please advise where can I download the generic software?



  • Yoni
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Try here

eXpansys Product Support,
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  • pove
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You can use a program called "KK_MClient.exe" which you can find in the net. Then go to site and pay for 15 credits (15 Euros). Send them an email and ask for login and password details. Open the program connect Huawei modem (do not gorget to remove sim card) and it will unlock it in about 15 seconds. Works great. You can also get the Firmware and Dashboard upgrades from their site, although there are later versions on other sites. The Firmware upgrade will boost the modem to 7.2 Mbps. Completed mine today and am using it now, works great.


hi pove,

i am andy from singapore , may i know , it takes how long Kulankendi sending your the login and password , after you have paid by PayPal. is he realiable..

do you have email ...kindly send me a email


You can unlock it in few minutes with dc unlocker , fast remote unlock service, software can download there :
  • Feline53
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Out of interest - do DC-Unlocker charge for using their service?

The Huawei site for generic software is most confusing - there appear to be three different pieces of software:

E220 Client Software WINMACB300D00SP02C03 (UTPS11[1]. for WinXP&2K&Vista & Mac (8007 KB) 20-Mar-2008

E220 Client Software UTPSB002D03SP16C03 for WinXP&2K&Vista (7115 KB) 20-Mar-2008

E220 Client Software HOSTB107D05SP00C03 for WinXP&2K&Vista (13856 KB) 20-Mar-2008

Which one should I use for GSM network?

Lastly - has anyone managed to download and open the E220 manual? I can only download it as an "application/octet-stream". It appears to a PDF file, but Adobe Acrobat doesn't want to open it ...

Gotta observe that I really find Huawei to be somewhat opaque - when you download anything you have to try and guess what sort of a file it is (no file extensions) and I would have thought they might have explained the difference between the above packages ...  

  • depapriya
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Hi Edwood,

You can unlock your Huawei E220 modem using unlock code.It's the best way to unlock your modem.You can get an unlock code from your service provider or else try to buy an unlock code from any one of the unlocking service provider.If you need an unlock code visit  Here you can unlock your modem within a day.