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Can this make calls. [Huawei S7 Slim Android Tablet - 228568]

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Sorry guys but someone answered yes to this, but didnt explain how you'd make calls, if someone could do this for me. Im compairing this to the Dell Streak and will be ordering soon.
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yes it makes calls, although it does not support 3G. So if your looking at a Streak, until Huawei makes a hardware adjustment, it will be edge or less, for data.
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hmm the specs say it is 3G supporting HSPA/UMTS, where did you find that it is not?
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I am referring to T-Mobile USA  3G.

So, let's just be clear here!

3G on the Huawei S7 will work on most UMTS/HSPA capable GSM networks in almost all regions outside of North America.  



  • StarLog
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Clear... your correct.


Although, from eXpansys, they anticipate several options on the radio, so a model for TMOUS should be available soon.

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