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Huawei UK said they dont stock this [Huawei S7 Slim Android Tablet - 228568]

I sent an email off to the UK Support site for Huawei asking about the dock, spare batteries, who will stock, when can I buy one....

and I got a short sharp response saying they do not stock this item!

 Very strange. Obviously I sent one back pointing out that they manufacture it so surely they should stock it?

 No response yet. Has anyone managed to see one in the wild yet? Delivery dates are getting put back again

  • -Steve-
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I think the only Huawei S7's that have been seen are older review models by a few Chinese and Russian reviewers.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is vaporware...



  • paulrodd
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I guess it isn't "released" in the UK yet, so perhaps Huawei staff don't have any information?   

Certainly Nicola Philbin, General Manager, Hauwei Devices UK & ROI knows about it as you will see in this interview

Like everyone I'm disapointed by the delay but hopefully it will now arrive with 2.2 (Froyo).



  • -Steve-
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I tried contacting Huawei UK/Europe myself but they didn't bother to reply.



Its real disappointing to hear that the device has been delayed again. I've recently cancelled my order and looking forward to purchase other device.

 Its such a potential device but i think most interested parties would have been turned off by the delay by now.

 Sad... Real sad...

  • -Steve-
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I agree with you, swooshben.


It'd be nice to hear something official from ether eXpansys or Huawei regarding the (4th?) delay.