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Oh dear, it's not looking good :( [Huawei S7 Slim Android Tablet - 228568]

  • -Steve-
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So it seems that the Huawei S7 is already available in Austria!


Highlights (lowlights?):


  • Camera isn’t good enough for photography and crashed a few times.
  • Applications switching appears to be slow.
  • The screen feels cheap
  • “With intensive use Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled, the operation was significantly below the promised eight hours”


Also, I received and e-mail from Huawei Europe which, regarding the delay, states:"In fact at present S7 product is passing the network provider's test"

Pardon? So are Huawei now doing a deal with UK network operators and this'll end up network locked?


This really is looking to be a shambles :(

  • Svedis
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"network provider's test" doesnt mean that it has to be network locked!
It just means that the operators AND Huawei want to make sure the device works according to the GSM network spec.

Radio ROM vs. HLR VLR etc....

  • paulrodd
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Thanks for the link.

I understood the camera was for video calling - not photos. 

Shame about the screen, but I guess at the price it may be an acceptable compromise?

Based on the battery capacity I am not expecting to get eight hours with the WiFi switched on  - 3-4 hours would be good.  Hopefully a spare battery will be available and ideally a battery charger to accomodate longer flights, etc.