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capacitive or resistive [Huawei S7 Slim Android Tablet - 228568]

  • madbar
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On this site the device is listed as resistive. The videos linked from this site seem to suggest that it is capacitive, however the specifications say resistive. 
  • madbar
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im sorry, didnt read the forum thoroughly enough. apparently there are two possibilities:

 there are two versions, one with resistive, one with capacitive screen - the one sold on this site is of the resistive variety

 there is only one version and there is uncertainty as to wether its capacitive or resistive. perhaps the version demoed in the videos is different from the one up for preorder here.



  • paulrodd
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If you watch the interview (see my other post) the MD of Huawei UK confirms the first model will be resistive with a later (and presumably more expensive) model having capacitive.