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Huawei S7 Slim - Wireless Error [Huawei S7 Slim Android Tablet - 228568]

A week or so's use and now whenever I try and turn Wireless on I get a "Turning on" message followed by an "Error" message.  I've tried a factory reset - which made no difference apart from deleting "Angry Birds!!!" which Can not reinstall as I no longer have Wireless...

Any suggestions please?

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To me it sounds like the wireless card has given up and needs to be replaced.

The only other thing I can think of to test would be to look for updates. Of course if you do not have wireless, and if this is not the 3G version that that will be difficult. I have checked on their website and there does not seem to be any options for downloading updates there.
So you are looking at sending it back for repair. Feel free to contact us on the e-mail address located at the top of this page.

If it does indeed have 3G then you can always connect via this and search for updates, just bear in mind that downloading via 3G might incur a cost from your service provider.


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