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Very silly behavior on phone calls [i-mate PDA2K Hands-Free Car Kit w/GPS - 124314]

I installed this kit in combination with A Blaupunkt Woodstock 54 this weekend. I know the pda25 has a mute out line in the bottom connector. Why does the car kit not look at this line for telephone muting? Why does the car kit use it's sound detection system to mute the radio during a phone call? I find that if the other person stops talking for 10 seconds, the radio comes out of mute. This is, in my opinion, very silly! I would not purchase this particular phone kit until you see that I have posted a solution to this problem. Also, my kit came with no instructions! The only information was found on little labels stuck to the wires.
Copy of e-mail sent to Expansys... I'll post the reply when I get one.... Hi, I took delivery of this kit on Friday as promised (order code 5NEOD1912C60) after waiting a month for a previous order that did not turn up. As suggested on your web site, I connected up the kit before installing it to check that it works. I made a quick call and checked the GPS and everything appeared OK. I installed the kit into my car. Everything, again appeared to be OK. I realise that, although the PDA2K does have a mute out line in it's connector to tell a car kit to mute the stereo, this only works during a phone call. The Car kit has a sound detection system to mute the stereo when the sat-nav talks. I would have thought these two systems should work in parallel. The problem with this kit is that it appear to ignore the phone mute line and just rely on the sound detection system. The consequence is that during a phone call, if the person on the other end stops talking for more than a few seconds, the car stereo un-mutes until they start talking again. This makes this phone kit unfit for purpose as it stands. What can we do about it? I hope you agree that I have shown due diligence in testing before installing and that it would have been unfair to expect me to find this subtle but very annoying bug during a pr-installation test? Is this how you expect this to operate or do I have a fault with the kit, the installation or my phone. Is there any software that I should be running on the phone (I used to have a Handspring Treo using a THB car kit and I had to install some software).
OK, somebody called me the day after I posted the above to say that they'd talk to the Manufacturer and they'd get back to me. I heard nothing. I phone back last week and was told they'd get this person to ring me back. Nothing happened. I've just rang them again and was told to update the forum with my comments and somebody would get back to me. So, here goes. It's now been three weeks since I installed the phone kit and two weeks since I contacted Expansys about the problem. I am no closer to getting my problems resolved. I therefore have to conclude that, in the absence of any comment from Expansys, that the phone kit is 'not fit for the purpose for which it was sold' and I recommend that other people do not purchase it. Should Expansys come back to me with a solution, then I'll edit this posting accordingly. I will add that the GPS works very well although it does need to re-aquire the satellites when the ignition is turned off for more than a few minutes, which is surprising as both permenant and switched feeds are connected. This cradle holds the phone very securely but it is definately a two handed job to but the PDA into and remove it from the cradle! It's also odd that it does not appear to mute the speaker on the PDA. However, This is quite handy as the phone kit and my stereo take one to two second to switch over so you always miss the ' In 200....' or 'turn...' part of the guidance announcement.
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Have a look at this thred, http://www.expansys.com/forumthread.asp?code=124311&thread=1
Ok, Thanks for the reply Yoni! Hope it didn't take too much of your time. I guess it's not the answer I wanted really. For those following this thread, it looks like although people first thought the connector pinout on the PDA2K (O2 XDAIIs) is the same as the other HTC product, the Mute out line on this phone either does not work or does not perform in a way that is useable for car kits. I guess that this is just the way it is and I have to lump it. I would like to point out that £249 is a lot to pay for a hands free car kit that you need to switch a switch over on to keep the radio muted during phone calls! Maybe Expansys should put a note on their web site so people can make an 'informed' descision before purchasing. The only question I have is about the THB kit. I've read that THB were delaying the launch of their kit until they could come up with a better solution. Does anyone have the THB kit yet? did it fix the problem? Keep an eye on www.xda-developer.com. This forum contains huge volumes of info on HTC phones in forums and a Wiki.