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Improving audio quality when integrating into a car audio system [i-mate PDA2K Hands-Free Car Kit w/GPS - 124314]

  • Mike Cherry
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If the mono loudspeaker supplied with the kit is used (it is recommended to install under the passenger footwell) then the call quality is fine. However, we have experienced problems when the kit is integrated into a car audio system (most professional installers will use a separate, and possibly car/audio system specifc mute lead). After much research and the support of the installation company who provides eXpansys car kit install sevices, (many thanks to Martyn Ashby and the ISIS team!), we have come up with a solution that improves the call quality to a more than acceptable level. The following is recommended to be carried out by a professional installation company. 1. Source a 3.7W/Ohm ceramic resistor (various component suppliers, including Maplins for approx 18p) 2. Take the wiring loom supplied with the kit and cut the wire midway that runs from the Molex connector (plugs into control box) and the 3.5mm mono jack. There are 2 wires to the jack, black and black/white stripe. 3. Strip the 4 wire ends 4. Cross over one pair of wires, i.e. black to black/white, rejoin, solder and insulate 5. Insert the resistor between the other pair, solder and insulate. It does not matter which pair has the resistor on. 6. Reconnect the wiring loom to the control box and connect mute lead. This 'fix' works with all HTC based devices using the appropriate cradle, and does not affect the operation of other manufacturer's devices when used with this kit. Regards, Mike