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Dell Latitude D610 Not Charging with S20 Tip [iGo EverywherePower 7500 Universal Power - 118763]

I have purchased an iGo 7500 to power and charge my Dell Latitude D610, Nokia phone and Ipaq. The dual power facility, iTips and weight/size reduction enabling me to tarvel light attracted me to this solution. No where on your web site, in the sales material about the iGo 7500 or the S20 iTip does it mention that it will only power the Dell, but not charge it! However, having now visited the iGo web site there is a statement saying: Only Dell-branded adapters can charge the battery on Dell D-Series notebooks. Dell recently has altered the design of their notebooks -- beginning with the D-Series notebooks -- so that no 3rd party adapter (including the iGo adapter) can charge the battery. This purposeful design also will apply to ALL future Dell notebook models. Is there a way to "fool" the Dell into allowing the iGo to charge it or if not please can I have a full refund?
Hi, We were not aware that Dell is now making their notebooks this way, but we will be sure to note this on our Mobility skus. As far as we know there would not be a way to trick the laptop into accepting a charge from this unit. Please contact the eXpansys UK office with regards to an RMA, if you decide that you need one. Kevin Taylor Product Manager eXpansys US