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Which version please? [IRIS Readiris Pro MAC - 101399]

  • PaulK
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The product page doesn't indicate which version of Readiris Pro Mac this is. I need to know if it is OSX compatible before buying. Thanks.
  • alasdair
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Paul did you find out if it works in osx? I am going round in circles on this site to find your answer. alasdair
  • jba
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Hi I've just called Expansys, and they THINK its version 6 or 7. They aren't sure if it is OK with OSX. I suppose thats why its cheap:) Alternative is v9 - expensive for home use.
  • Michael
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I checked the stock that we have and it is version 6. It only states up to OS9 on the box so it is unlikely that it is compatible with OSX. -- Michael - eXpansys