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Different dispay? [Jabra BT800 Bluetooth Headset - 112318]

The display on my BT800 appears different to all the pictures on the box and the Jabra website, for a start all the characters are in lower case with each character being only 6 pixels high which give the letters a very strange look, I can only assume they have put a lower spec display in as I can think of no other reason to make the characters looks so weird. The other problem is the backlight,it is a very deep blue-violet and not the electo-luminescent green colour in all the adverts. It may sound cool and in total darkness it helps a bit, but in a dim room it only makes the display harder to see as it is such a deep color it just adds a blue tinge to the display and reduces the contrast of the pixels against the background. I will call Jabra on Tuesday as it is a bank holiday here on Monday to find out whats goin on. In the mean time if anyone gets this post and has the Bt800 please post the state of your display....cheers Robb
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The BT800 features a blue backlit LED not a green one. Though it shouldn't be as dark as the screen that you have described. -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search
Just got mine. It's a blue backlit display and it works beautifully with my Nokia 6680. I am quite amazed though that Jabra do not include a case/cover for it of some sort. Does anyone know if one can be bought?
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Hey guys. For one reason or another my Samsung i730 and Jabra BT800 are not completely compatible. After exchanging my Jabra BT800 headset 7 times, I noticed small inconsistencies in the functionality. One namely being the inconsistent caller ID display color. Personally I prefer the blue (darker colored) as apposed to the indigo. More importantly the caller ID data sent via blue tooth from the Samsung i730 to the BT800 is fubar (*u*k beyond all repair) Jabra claims that the new i730 is not a supported phone, but maybe in the future they will develop a patch or fix-it that will be available for download at which time you will use the USB cable provided to flash or update the product. The tech told me that an unnamed character in the lower left corner would be the only data displayed representing an incoming call. To some extent what he said is true. As previously stated I am on my 9th BT800 & in every instant with every single headset the caller ID would work now & again and if the number correctly displays I can even scroll through and select the number I want to call back. For the most part the Samsung i730 and BT800 will work together. Voice dialing & commands however ever failing does work. Answer and end call works & the BT800 will even play your personalized ring tone from your phone when receiving an incoming call. The headset is semi comfortable but if your upgrading from the BT250v & comfort is a deal breaker than bye bye baby cause deal off. The BT250v is by far superior in comfort. Infact my wife often forgets she even has it on. So did I opt out of the BT800 now knowing that the Caller ID doesnt work with my i730 and the caller ID feature on the headset being the only reason I purchased the BT800 in the first place? No way Jose! Its still the shizzle & each time I drop it, it's breathed on to hard or it get's scratched just a little bit to deep. Im exchanging it. Thats right boys & girls that puppies going back. This headset will be a testament to the best $150.00 bucks I ever spent. Even 2 years from now.