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JCB Touphone SIM problems? [JCB TOUGHPHONE - 160543]

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I have just recieved my JCB tough phone placed my Vodafone UK SIM into it. It registers for a few minutes then goes into a shut down mode and displays 'insert SIM'. It then has to be powered off and on to register once more then after a few minutes does the same thing again. Any thoughts as this is the second one I have had from expansys which does the same thing?

2 questions pal. 

1) What country are you in?

2) Have you tried a different SIM in the phone?  Maybe one from a different network if you can lay your hands on one?

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I'm having similar problems with my JCB, have tried with my main O2 sim card and an Orange payg one.

 It constantly does this, about once an hour and its very annoying, and slightly worrying.