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Purchased from Expansys, warranty question. [JCB TOUGHPHONE - 160543]

  • TreoM
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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what the warranty situation is with this handset, purchased one about a month ago, but have had nothing but problems with the handset. It has been getting worse this past week.

 The handset constantly reboots itself, sometimes just switching itself off, but as it doesn't give any warning, the phone can be off for half an hour to an hour at a time which means i'm missing calls.

 It also randomly loses the gsm signal, and then takes about two mins to 'reconnect', it also does this whenever I connect my bluetooth headset, but when it does it once the headset is connected, I have to re-pair (which is a total pain whilst driving).

 Are there any known bugs in the phones software (the restarting problem) or how I would go about getting this fixed? I'd like to get the handset fixed but if these are known problems then will also have to look at buying a different handset as this is my only one and I rely on it for work. How do I go about getting the handset looked at?


Many thanks!

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Have you reported the problem? 

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