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lost instruction [Kondor VisorBlade Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit - 122849]

i lost my instruction and i have changed my phone to a new one and it will not take to it can u email me the instruction please
Hi David
I have lost my instructions for my visorblade and I have changed my phone,
Did you get some instructions from your posting? Can you help me or point in the right directions to obtain a set of instructions for a visorblade.
many thanks
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There is usually a large button you have to hold down to activate the pairing mode, then you use your phone to search for the device.  It then asks you for a password which is normally 1234, 9999, 0000 etc.  Hope this helps of sorts...
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I just had the same problem and found a download of the manual here http://www.kondor.co.uk/bluetooth_carkits_kit_visorblade.html



Made sticky.  Thanks for the link.

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