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K790i - Video Format Support MP4 [Krusell Palm Centro Cabriolet Multidapt Case - 161005]

Hi , I have bought a new K790i 2 days ago. I connected my phone to the PC and copied a MP4 video file, but when I am trying to play the file from the phone I cannot see anything, it is taking the file as an audio file. The file plays well in the PC in Quicktime Player. Please Help me out.
You need to convert the video clip to a size which is viewable on the SE k790/k800 screen. If it is incorrectly sized it only plays the audio from the file. You can use eRightSoft''s SUPER ( which is free, or take the recommendation of one of our other respected SE users "Doc Magoo" and use something called Xilisoft video converter. Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Pete has fallen in love.