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Memory Stick Compatibility (Magic Gate) [Lexar 64MB Memory Stick - 102422]

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Can you please confirm whether this product supports the MP3 player built into the Sony Clie range of PDAs? I have just purchased this product and the 'Sonic Stage' music compilation software supplied with the Clie (PEG-T675c)does not seem to recognise the eXpansys Memory Stick. The Help facility says "With SonicStage, data can be stored only in the "MagicGate" Memory Stick (MG Memory Stick). Data cannot be stored in a Memory Stick that does not support MagicGate" and that "MagicGate Memory Stick" is distinguished by the "MG" and "MAGIC GATE" logos. Is this product compatible? Your site says it is 100% Memory stick compatible.
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it is 100 % memory stick compatible. Magic gate memory sticks are a totally different product and are white. magic gate symbolises that they support hardware based copyright protection and sonic stage will only write music onto magic gate memory sticks, not a standard memory stick as you have bought. sorry