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What is Exspansys's policy in regards to returning this phone? [LG KM900 ARENA - 178699]

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I have had this phone for just a little over a month and its buggy as hell. I have many issues with it.

 I want to return it and get a different phone from Expansys I dont want to have to deal with this phone again. What is the policy for this?

 Battery indicator fluctuates from 1-2 bars all the time.

Search function doesnt work ie I try to go to "M" for instance in music or contacts when I press search it just goes to "A"

GPS doesnt work I can never get a signal.

Pc software doesnt work properly in Vista and I cant get the update software to work in vista at all.

Music player will play a couple of tracks then the next few wont play with any sound then it will play again. I have to take out the battery for it to work again but after a while it will go back to playing with no sound.

many restarts and crashes, many times I have to remove the battery.

cant edit play list names if I try it edits the first play list in the list.

I tried to see if there was an update on a laptop running win XP (wont work on Vista) and I get a message thet my phone doesnt support software updates.


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Gives you the returns policy there.  Hope that helps.