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How do hard reset the KS360? [LG KS360 - 171211]

  • Mports
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Okay I know this phone isn't available from Expansys, however I've managed to get my hands on ane and I have to say I'm very impressed with it, especially considering the price!!!

 However I haven't the fainest idea how to perform a hard reset, on my old Viewty I used to type in 3845*#990~ and I was able to perform a hard reset.

 Any idea's or suggestions as to how I do this on the KS360?

Thanks in advance.

  • Yoni
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This is the only way I can find to reset it. 

Resetting your phone
Use Reset in Phone settings to reset all the
settings to the factory defi nitions. You need
the security code to activate this function.

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