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New Release date ? [LG Optimus 3D P920 - 209158]

  • Hankv2
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I would like to know the release date for the optimus 3d, because few days ago you said 25th april and now there's no more date.

Is it for the 31th may, like other countries ?

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I think so...release date for LG Optimus 3D will be end of May..
I dont know if you have noticed it still says the 25th April on the Features description after clicking 'more'
But as you mentioned most other sources seem to be indicating a late may release date, but that could be the sim locked, discounted versions from each network?
I would be good if exspansys could shed some light on this?
  • eastrouk
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Ive pre-ordered this aswell. I can see in the "26 mobiles coming soon" section the LG optims 3D still says expected 25th April. However I called expansys and was told it should be an early May release. Considering this mobile was supposed to be launched before the Galaxy S2 (which now is hopefully getting launched on May1st or May2nd) im not sure what going on anymore. Im just keeping fingers crossed that the LG Optimus 3D arrives by May 1st. But if Expansys can clarify why the website says expsected in April 25th that would be great...