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Is this a replacement to the original back case [LG Premium Hard Case for LG G3 - 262287]

Does this clip onto the phone or does it replace the back cover. 


According to the website it looks like it might be a replacement of the back cover. In that case, does it include the wireless charging attenae



Yes and yes, I've checked the LG UK site and it states it is a replacement cover with a Leather finish, including wireless charging anntennaes. The only way it would be able to include the antennae is if it completely replaced the original back case, as the contacts are below the cover.


I'm ordering one, and if it doesn't have wireless charging, I'll be miffed, to put it mildly.

It does not replace the back cover, it just clips on the phone and it does not have the wireless antennae

In LG Portugal support, they say that replaces the back cover and charging wireless...

I've just received mine and its a cover that snaps on over the original cover. Don't think it supports wireless charging.