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What you get is not the same as described [LifeView TV Walker Duo USB 2.0 TV Tuner - 113715]

  • HazBean
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The product description is for a TV Walker Duo USB 2.0. What I actually got was a TV Walker Hybrid 2.0. The product description states that it has hardware MPEG 1/2/4 encoding. The Hybrid doesn't. It uses flaky and highly processor intensive software encoding. I also can't get sound on any of the DVB channels apart from BidTV. One of the reasons I bought this was for the hardware encoding of an analogue source as I have a number of old camcorder tapes I wanted to get onto DVD. Oh yes, and the software you get with it is buggy and basic. After waiting many months for the stock to come in I feel very disappointed and frustrated. Stuart p.s. It's also silver not red!
  • TimArr
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I have the same problem.....won't pick ANYTHING up and can't receive a thing expect a bit of radio 1. I am hoping you guys can figure this out or its coming straight back.
I also got the Hybrid but I have been able to get to work - but not without problems. Was anyone charged far more than tey expected - like about A$70 more. I was and I believe I was charged for the freight from the UK. Anyway its going back because (like you guys) I bought it for the Mpeg4 hardware codec - whihc it aint got. cheers Ralph