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Uncovering ADSL… [Linksys Dual-Band Broadband Router - 127668]

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Uncovering ADSL… A technological revolution got underway with the advent of BROADBAND, never seen before speeds and superb functionality being its trade marks, No wonder! In a very short period of time it became the internet access technology of choice. But in its early days the cost of setting up a network was very high, dedicated lines were required. Only the big corporate groups having beep pockets could invest in such a venture. But as it’s with all great technological innovations, broadband could not remain as an elusive dream to the average home user and that happened sooner than expected by the way of ADSL technology. This technology was like god send for the average home user. He too could now access high speed internet right from the comfort of his home and the minimal investments required to install ADSL surely made it a dream come true. ADSL: The technology of choice for homes ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) uses your existing telephone wires intelligently as the digital information is transmitted at high bandwidths over existing phone lines. It is asymmetrical in the sense that it uses most of the channels to transmit data downstream to the user and very small part to receive information from the user. Effectively meaning that, the rate of download is far higher than the rate of upload. Regards Alen